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Batteries are used to provide the starting current for the engines used in generator systems and fire pumps and are therefore essential for the correct functioning of the system. The engines used are mostly diesel engines but some are gas-fuelled.

The starting cycle for an engine consists of three distinct sections which are:

  • The ‘breakaway’ which is the first, and most critical part of the  cycle as it is the initial effort to begin the engine turning.
  • After ‘breakaway’ the engine moves to a cranking cycle where it is turning but has not yet started. During this cranking cycle the voltage, current and engine speed remains relatively constant.
  • Finally the engine starts, the current falls rapidly and the voltage rises as the battery recovers.

More information....  

 Application Note - Standby Generators and Engine Starting. (pdf download)

 Technical Paper - Engine Starting Technical Paper (document request)

The systems using these engines are found in critical situations in industry, hospitals, buildings, the financial sector and the military. They have not fundamentally changed over the years and are designed to give high reliability and long life and it is therefore important that all the components in the application should be able to support these requirements. Consequently, it is implicit that the starter battery is critical for the achievement of a successful system.

To ensure that the correct battery is chosen and sized it is important that the parameters of the application have been defined. In particular, the charging method can alter the choice of battery configuration. To assist the user in this, we have produced a simple Engine Starting Questionnaire (pdf download) to allow the supplier to make the correct battery choice and sizing.


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