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In huts and cabinets along the railway track and transport highways, standby batteries are used in signalling systems such as:   

  •  Railroad crossings
  • Track safety
  •  Emergency backup
  • Communication
  • Remote monitoring and control

This application requires the highest reliability for passenger and network safety, for good traffic control and to provide essential system management information.

As much of the system is in an outdoor environment such as huts or cabinets a tolerance of wide temperature variations is required. These means a good life even at high temperatures and good low temperature performance.

Coupled with high reliability/safety requirements the need for a low maintenance cost is always a key point. This means no sudden failures, Infrequent maintenance and a long and predictable lifetime

These standby batteries may be supported by a mains supply (continuous or intermittent) or may be recharged using small solar panels or wind generators.

More information will be found in our application note - Batteries for Signals and Signs

The advantage of the Ni-Cd battery for this demanding application is that it is reliable by technology and construction. It is designed for 20-25 year  lifetime and at 20°C it can give an operational lifetime of more than 20 years and at 30°C more than 16 years.

It has reduced maintenance with preventive maintenance only required once a year and long topping up intervals of up to 20 years depending on the product choice. A field performance check is recommended every 5 years

With its long life, low maintenance cost and high reliability, the Ni-Cd battery offers a solution with an excellent Life Cycle Cost.

Please contact us for further information and support. We can recommend a suitable battery for your specific application.


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