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A battery is often required to provide an emergency source of power for periods in excess of three hours and so the value of the current drawn from the battery is low in comparison with the total stored energy. It is normal practice for legislating authorities to specify that the battery must be capable of repeating its duty cycle no more than 12 hours after the termination of any emergency discharge.

It is found that often, batteries in certain emergency lighting and fire & security alarms applications, are often used, on a fit and forget basis and so the choice of the battery may therefore depend upon its ability to recover from the effects of poor maintenance and to always be available to supply power when needed.

The ranges of Nickel-Cadmium batteries from IBLUK offer numerous advantages to ensure complete system reliability and security. These include complete reliability with lifetimes of up to 20 years, no sudden failure or the possibility of thermal runaway, lifetimes at elevated temperature are degraded far less than lead acid and are equal to the lifetime of the system itself and  there are no frequent battery replacements due to long lifetime and reliability. This leads to a highly cost effective system with high reliability and low life cycle costs.

More information will be found in our application note - Batteries for Emergency Systems

Please contact us for further information and support. We can recommend a suitable battery for your specific application.


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